How To Look Like A Princess On Your Big Day

For those of us who dreamt about feeling like royalty during our wedding day, a true princess gown is in order. Exquisite fabric, long trains, dramatic veils and sparkling headpieces, all of them are part of the royal attire for a happily ever after.

Princesses and Queens have worn the most coveted (and sometimes over-the-top) wedding gowns, and while some of these sophisticated numbers might not fit in your modest wedding chapel by sheer length, you can also walk down the aisle with a dress inspired in royalty. Here are some of the fabrics and styles that are guaranteed to make you look and feel like a princess.

Ivory silk
Worn by Crown Princess Victoria of Sweden,  Princess Marie-Chantal of Greece and  Princess Stephanie of Luxembourg. Ideal fabric for a fit bodice and an A-line flared skirt, simple yet elegant. Paired with a lace bodice and lace sleeves, it exudes elegance and poise. While ivory silk can be very light, ivory silk taffeta has very good structure, flattering for hourglass or pear shaped body types.

Silk Mikado
If you’re getting married in colder weather, you may want to go for Princess Máxima’s choice. The South American come Dutch princess wore a piece by Valentino in heavy silk mikado, which is a blend of natural or synthetic silk that results in a sheer, crisp fabric. This fabric offers great structure for strapless dresses, either long or short.

Tulle is a romantic fabric used for veils and for skirts. Oscar de la Renta has lovely wedding gowns with tulle embroidered skirts, if spending $4,000 USD is in your budget, of course. Princess Stephanie of Luxembourg wore an Elie Saab for her wedding day. The dress had a unique blend of fabrics, including two types of lace, satin organza, tulle and silk crepe. The result was breathtakingly beautiful.

Dramatic Trains
When it comes to royalty, they do like to show off their trains. Of course, the length of a cathedral allows for plenty of space to trail exquisitely embroidered fabric behind you. If you want to make a statement, go for Diana’s 25-foot (7.62 m) train. Though bear in mind that even Lady Di suffered her wedding gown when she realized she couldn’t fit in her carriage.

More Is More
Embellishments? Bring them on! All of them.  Crystals, pearls and sequins, royal wedding gowns are there to make a statement. Princess Stephanie of Luxembourg wore a gown with a lace fitted bodice and a skirt heavily embroidered with pearls and beads. To top it up, her veil was embroidered with silver flowers. Rose appliques are in this season. Look for Jenny Packham designs if Swarovski crystals are your thing.

What would be of a princess without a tiara? If you opt for this spectacular headpiece, make sure to buy it at the same time than the veil, as they should match, and take it with you when you’re trying hairstyles for your wedding day. It’s important to know where the tiara will go, as this will affect how your face looks and how long your veil will be.

How To Make Sure You Don’t Overdose On Bridal Trends

You’ve been following our blog closely and we praise you for it: clearly you’re a bride-to-be who wants to do her homework and do it right. You know all the fashion trends that are in this year, and your hipness wants to surface by showing how stylish you can be.

If you’re going down this road, you might be risking a trend overload. Overlapping one too many trends will make you look like a fashion victim, and we definitely don’t want that.  Here’s a good mix and match to make you look in vogue without going over the top.

Tea-length and color: Combining these two tends look quite lovely. A pale pink dress with a tulle skirt will make you look innocent, cool and laid back. It also works in pale blue.

Color and jackets: Bold, but can work. Brides-to-be who are in their second nuptials may choose something less bridal, and a dress with color with a bolero jacket is elegant and fashionable.

Jackets and feathers: Probably not a great idea. Especially if the feathers are on the jacket.  We’ve seen this before and it looks like bathrobe out of an old school black-and-white film.

Color and feathers: May work in a pale pink, but the feathers will look suspiciously like a duster. Better safe than sorry, keep your feathers white.

Short and feathers: Yes, and it looks lovely! Go for the whole skirt on feathers and the bodice in silk to channel a Black Swan vibe. With a happy ending, of course.

Lace sleeves and short dress: Very romantic and sexy. It can be tea-length, ankle length or cocktail dress, lace sleeves hide and show just enough.

Lace sleeves and feathers: Lace and feathers don’t go well together. They are the definition of over-the-top.

Jackets and lace sleeves: Why have lace sleeves if you’re going to cover them with a jacket? Unless the jacket has lace sleeves, in which case you can make it work if you keep the same style of the dress. There are beautiful lace strapless dresses that come with a lace jacket in the same pattern, especially useful for religious ceremonies.

Non-traditional Wedding Dress Styles

Be bold, not boring. For many brides, traditional dresses and styles simply do not make the cut when it comes to their wedding look. Since it is your big day, why stick to rules and fads set by others? Here’s a guide to show you how to be fresh, fun and create new traditions when deciding on a wedding dress.

Ivory, eggshell, off-white and cream are simply not for everyone. If you think a white dress is too dated or yawn-inducing, try adding a punch of color to your bridal attire. For the brave-at-heart bride, a bright, pastel tone might do the trick as it’s fun and modern for a spring affair. If your ceremony is at in the evening, why not wear a gunmetal silver gown? Or even gold? Metallic hues are the perfect way to shine on your special day.

Hello, High-Low!
If you want to go beyond color, try experimenting with the cut of your dress. If you’re super-impressed with the A-line, then do try a high-low dress. This style is perfect for tearing up the dance floor at your reception, as well as giving the formality you seek for the ceremony. You’ll be able to show your sexy, Amazonian legs, as well as those crazy cute shoes you have on as well! One great thing about high-low dresses is they strike a comfortable balance between tradition and breaking the mold. You can show some skin in a classy way and feel more comfortable without endless layers of tulle weighing you down.

Skirting Tradition
If you want to take your rule-bending one step further, make a new tradition of skirts! Who says you have to wear a dress, anyway? You could try a bright teal skirt with a lacy top for your beach wedding, or a black pencil number with stilettos for your sky-high city soiree. Or, go even further by omitting those feminine skirts altogether: be a modern woman in a jumpsuit. Try sticking with familiar bridal shades to keep the femininity to your look with this one, or add your favorite jewelry to dress it up.

When it comes to your wedding day style, the only rule that matters is this: wear what you feel beautiful in. Whether that keeps with the past is irrelevant, because the only tradition that matters is celebrating your happy, wedded bliss.

Spring Wedding Dress Trends

Spring Wedding Dress Designer Trends

It’s time to spring in to a new season of bridal style. Here’s how to incorporate the latest designer trends and fashion for your wedding day.

Skin Is In

Here’s the skinny: nothing is more beautiful than your bridal glow, so don’t be afraid to show it off! With the warmer weather, there’s no need to hide. The biggest designers are celebrating simple, natural beauty this season. Trendy keyhole backs allow you to flaunt your skin with class. And for a bit of glamour, try adding decadent beading or lace across your svelte shoulder blades. The skin-bearing trend continues with v-shaped, plunging necklines. For some extra oomph, highlight your decolletage with a bit of shimmer, making it look like you’ve stepped right from the runway and onto the aisle.

Sweetheart Is Heart To Stay

Bridal guru/designer Jim Hjelm is always at the helm of  the latest fashions, without being too trendy. His spring collection carries on the class sweetheart neckline. Nothing is more demure and alluring than the sophisticated heart shaped neckline, and ot’s perfect for showing off your heirloom pearls or a modern necklace! For a twist, this season Hjelm has also incorporated a trumpet skirt to his sweet dresses, giving the perfect combination of modernity and elegance.

His flared skirts are perfect for getting the tight, sexy mermaid look, while allowing you to still be able to dance the night away at your reception.

Refined Retro

Maggie Sottero is a bridal fashion goddess, and her spring collection proves just that. Sottero’s looks draw inspiration from the past to give you a bridal look that is hauntingly beautiful without looking dated. Her line incorporates luxurious beading, particularly around the necklines and hems of gowns. Additionally, she emphasizes the simplistic refinement of 30’s-style silhouettes, and the fun youthfulness of A-line skirts. Her collection proves that vintage style is here to stay, and in one of her dresses you’ll prove why – while looking fabulous.

Wonderfully White, Boldly Black

Vera Wang always sets the bar high with her creative designs that always work to flatter every bride and type of figure. This year, she is shaking up bridal trends with her original, innovative black and white designs. For the bride who wants to break tradition, but still ensure she’s looking classy and beautiful, why not try one of her Spring 2014 dresses? They strike a perfect symmetry between bold, fresh and sophistication.

While it’s always important to ask yourself if the latest wedding style is just a fad you might cringe at thirty years later in photo albums, don’t be afraid to try mixing it up with a bit of modern trends. The top designers mentioned here are always sure to balance being inventive with making sure you look good in pictures decades later. For brides who are still unsure, try mixing bits and pieces of different trends. Vera’s black-and-white too bold? Try black gloves paired with a classic dress! Or add just a touch of Sottero’s beading with Jim Hjelm’s sweetheart necklines.

The bottom line is, find something that works perfectly for you and your wedding look rather than just wanting to follow the latest trends.

Disney Princess Wedding Dress Inspiration

Disney Princess Wedding Gown Inspiration

Every little girl has dreamed of her wedding day, where she dresses up as her favorite princess and walks down the aisle towards her Prince Charming. Well, now that you’ve found your Prince, here are a few ways to look like the princess you really are on your wedding day.

Up To Your Neck In Elegance

Draw inspiration from the courageous Mulan and bubbly Snow White with a collared neckline. A high halter in lieu of a traditional necklace is the perfect way to add their style of your ensemble.

Free Spirited Fabulousness

If you always adored Pocahontas’s independent spirit and sexy curves, embrace your inner flower child on your wedding day! Embody her beauty with a simplistic gown in a soft, earthy fabric that will flow during your outdoor ceremony. Stick with silhouettes that aren’t too form fitting and be sure to incorporate nature into your accessories, like wearing flowers in your hair.


When you saw Cinderella glide across the ballroom floor in that pre-midnight dance, you knew magic was something you wanted for your own special day. While we may not all have a fairy godmother on hand, there are some easy ways to bring Cinderella’s style into your look. First, don’t be afraid of a ball gown! The key is to finding one that fits perfectly. Your tailor is your fairy godmother here, so make sure it’s the appropriate length for the footwear you’ll be wearing. Cinderella was known for her glass slippers, so why not try adding a signature shoe to your ensemble? Whether you opt for heels or flats, find something that’s comfortable and stylish, and don’t be afraid to show it off!  Then, dance the night away with your Prince Charming and live happily ever after.

A Whole New World Of Style

The sexy daughter of the Sultan sure knows how to be stylish. Her sultry looks are both alluring and elegant at the same time. Add a bit of mystery and charm to your wedding dress by utilizing some of her signature looks, such as an off the shoulder gown. The feminine allure a la Princess Jasmine is sure to impress your guests. Alternatively, wear a signature headpiece similar to hers. A simple ribbon with craft store embellishments is a budget-friendly way to look like the princess who knew true beauty had nothing to do with riches.

Out Of The Sea Inspiration

Princess Ariel knew what her heart desired, and she wasn’t afraid to give love a chance. You’re just as bold and beautiful in your heart, so why not channel her style with a mermaid gown? The curves of your feminine form will be flattered by this shape and cut of dress. Better yet, you will look radiant and positively enchanting with loose, flowing curls caressing the silk of your form-fitting gown.

As your wedding day approaches, you will don the dress of your dreams and begin your real-life fairy tale. So choose which princess you want to embody and give your Prince Charming goose bumps when he sees you gliding down the aisle.

Adding Color To Your Wedding Dress

Adding Color To Your Wedding Dress

Why white? On the most special day of your life, why limit yourself to just one shade? Love is limitless, so shouldn’t your dress options be? Well, fret no more, because we’re here to help you achieve the colorful wedding gown of your dreams.

It Takes Two-Toned To Tango

Your wedding is all about celebrating the perfect match: you and your mate. Why not reflect that in your dress? Mix up your wedding style by having a two-toned dress. A beautiful white bustle with a colored corset top mixes vintage flair with sexy, bold shades. For this look, make sure to pick two coordinating colors that work with the setting, time and ambiance of your ceremony and reception. Having a beach wedding? A beautiful blue skirt with a sandy sweetheart top says ‘I Do’ to style. Wow during your vows this autumn with deeper shades, like a rustic red. Your country wedding will look even more fabulous with a mellow, yellow sunflower inspired skirt and rosy pink top.

All-Aboard Ombre

This season ombre is in, in and in. This trendy look works with your favorite denim top and your flowing locks, so why not try it with your wedding dress? Designers have cued in to this new classic, incorporating gradient colors into their gowns. You will be the epitome of sophistication with the ombre look. The ombre effect works for all silhouettes, from ball-gown to mermaid and more. The key to this trend is to pick shades of just one or two coordinating colors, so as to not overwhelm the eye. You want your guests to notice how amazing you look in your dress, not just the dress itself. Another stylistic note: many designers elect for the neckline of the dress to feature lighter shades, with warmer, deeper colors developing down toward the hemline. This allows greater drama, and prevents the heavier colors distracting the admiring eyes from your fabulous face.


If all-out color is too much a commitment, utilize accessories to express your fun side. One benefit is you can keep neutral for a formal, religious ceremony, but then add a colored belt or sash to mix it up for the reception! The options are endless with accessories. Long, evening gloves in a modern shade make you a fashion-savvy bride. Try a funky headband shade that makes your sparkling eyes pop even more. Colored jewelry adds elegance to your adventure with rainbow hues. A sparkling turquoise necklace or a hot pink bracelet adds an unexpected twist to any bridal look, while still maintaining the traditional look many brides seek.

Your love is one-of-a-kind, that’s why your wedding dress should be just as custom-made! Adding color to your dress is an easy, unique way to celebrate how love adds color to our lives.

How To Buy A Designer Gown On A Non-Designer Budget

You want a custom, intricate wedding dress for your big day. Well, you’re in luck, because with these helpful tips you can look beautiful without going broke.

Let’s banish the bridal myth that you need a big bank account to look like a million bucks. The truth is, shopping online is a great alternative to visiting upscale salons and – best of all – you can shop at home in the comfort of your favorite pajamas! There are several ways to find a designer dress online. First, try online auction sites. Here you can bid for your dream dress. Keep in mind to read the reviews of the seller and check their return policy before purchasing. Additionally, online retailers often offer flash sales or discount days. If you find a dress you like, check for it on the seller’s site. Don’t be afraid to ask when they’re having their next sale, whether in-store or online. Lastly, simply putting in “designer gown” into a search engine will yield a plethora of online discount bridal sites. Here you are likely to find the dress of your dreams. You may have to do a bit of digging, but it’ll be worth it when you find your gown and still have enough money to splurge on your honeymoon, or a custom reception drink.

Trunk Shows
I sense your hesitation already. Are you envisioning a horde of screaming women, at the brink of dawn, clamoring with their cups of coffee at the locked doors of designer dress paradise? Although myth and media would have you believe trunk shows are brutal chaos, the truth is trunk shows are often the perfect way for a budget conscious bride to find her dream dress. Firstly, trunk shows are not what they’re portrayed to be. They are highly organized, planned months in advance. You even have to make an appointment. Keep in mind, most trunk shows occur during the peak months of January-March, so budget for spending then. There are plenty of sites that offer calendars and appointment making services, take advantage of them! It would be  shame to miss out on the opportunity to attend a trunk show, as they often offer professional consultations (sometimes from the designer themselves!) and massive discounts on their gowns.  Not only could you leave with the dress of your dreams, you’ll do so at rock-bottom price, and with a custom consultation and advice from the top experts. They’ll be able to offer your the best styles for your body type and shape, as well as the perfect shade of white-ivory-eggshell and so on for your skin tone.  Don’t forget to bring your MOH or a trusted friend to give you advice and support as well.

Sample Dresses
Lastly, sample dresses offer another alternative for brides seeking beauty on a budget. Here are a few tips to keep in mind when buying samples: first, make sure the size is close enough to your own to be altered to fit you. There’s no use in buying your dream dress if you can’t wear it! Second, make sure it’s in good enough condition for you to wear. Are there any serious, noticeable stains a cleaner won’t be able to remove? This dress has been tried on by dozens of brides, so you want to be sure it’s in decent condition. If there is any damage you feel will cost you a significant amount to repair, try seeing if they’ll discount the dress further to cover the repairs. There’s no harming in asking!

Lastly, don’t select a sample or discounted dress simply because it’s at the right price. Whether it’s a designer or not, it still has to be the dress of your dreams if you’re going to wear it down the aisle. You can look like a Hollywood star without having their credit cards, and still have money to splurge on other wedding costs, with a little luck and searching.

The Pros And Cons Of Short Wedding Dresses

So, you’re considering a short wedding dress, but not sure? We’re here to help you weigh the pros and cons, with advice on which length might suit you and your wedding best!

Season And Setting
The first thing to consider when deciding on the length of your gown is the season and setting of your wedding. Are you getting married in Wisconsin in mid-December? Perhaps avoid a shorter length. One con is that shorter lengths do not provide coverage for the cold climate of winter wonderland weddings. Blue lips and shivers are not what you have in mind for your big day!

However, if you are getting married in late Spring or Summer, a shorter length might be perfect for you. Despite the hot temperature, you will be cool as a cucumber, not weighed down by heavy, heat-filled fabric. Additionally, consider the setting: an outdoor wedding is perfect for a shorter length dress as you won’t have to worry about your train getting dirt or grass stained.

But if your ceremony is a full length and formal, in a religious setting, you may want to stick with the more traditional full length gown. Ask yourself: What season will I be married in? In what setting will my ceremony take place? This will help establish a general guide on what’s appropriate for you to wear.

Are you considering pulling a change-over during the cocktail hour? Of amazing your guests with a ball gown during the ceremony, only to reemerge wearing a short, ready-to-dance dress? This is admittedly difficult to achieve with a short dress, but that doesn’t mean you can’t be versatile! Perhaps try underlying your gown with a layer of crinoline for ball-gown volume during the ceremony, and then removing it during the reception. Or, many short dresses now come as convertible! Perhaps purchasing one dress that you can transform into another will still suit your style, without busting your budget.

It is important to keep in mind that if you elect a short dress your shoes will be on display for the world (and your guests) to see. If you’re a bride who wanted to stick with comfy sneaks you could hide away, perhaps a short dress will be to your disadvantage. Perhaps try adding colorful, customized sneakers, or cute wedges as a compromise if this is your situation. Or, for you brave fashionistas, stick with those stilettos you can show off the entire day thanks to your short length dress. But, just to be safe, why not pack a pair of flats for the reception?

Whatever the length of your dress may be, keep in mind your own sense of style, the setting and season of your special occasion, and of course the footwear you will be selecting. A short length dress may not be ideal for every wedding, but that doesn’t mean it’s not ideal for you!

Oscar-worthy Wedding Dress Inspiration

You’ve seen the sultry starlets strutting down the red carpet, draped in gowns you drool over. But how do you achieve this look without the team of style experts at your disposal? Or without the Angelina Jolie’s budget? With these tips, you can draw inspiration from this year’s best dressed for your wedding day.

Flawlessly Feminine
This award season feminine textures were in the spotlight. To incorporate this look, try emulating Jenna Dewan-Tatum’s near-fluffy gown. You can achieve this look by adding fun texture to the lower hem or the train of your dress. This adds a soft, luxurious feel to any gown. Why not try Jenna’s, or Sandra Bullocks’ sweetheart neckline? The curved heart below your collarbone is almost-always flattering, and is never out of style. Perhaps go even one step further, like Kristen Bell, and try a corset-topped dress. This will add a romantic, sensual sensation to your big day.

Keep the texture trend in mind with a tiered dress, like Jennifer Garner.

Or, soft beading throughout your dress is a sure-fire way to achieve the flawlessly feminine look of these starlets.

Grecian Goddess
Another trend during this year’s Oscars was the refinement of the Grecian style. Dare to be divine in a plunging neckline, a la Kerry Washington, Kate Hudson and Penelope Cruz. This style works best for full length dress, as a short skirt and low-cut dress may be a bit too much skin for your elegant soiree. Channel your inner Lupita Nyong’o with a cut that’s low, and a skirt that flows like water. You will look regal and refined as you walk down the aisle with this look, also worn by actress Julia Roberts.

Smouldering Vixen
Show off your curves with class in a figure-hugging gown, inspired by this year’s Oscar attendees. Jessica Biel and Amy Adams glow in gowns that hug their figures. For a twist, perhaps try a trumpet gown that flares at the end. Or, like Anne Hathaway, finish your smouldering look with a trendy halter neckline. These star-studded looks are sure to turn heads on your wedding day, as you will look sexy, modern and elegant.

With these tips any woman can embrace her inner celebrity. Don’t be afraid to draw fashion inspiration from the stars, as you will be just as beautiful and extraordinary as they are on your big day. Except, your red carpet will be the aisle to the man of your dreams.

10 Tips For Choosing Your Wedding Dress

So, you’ve picked a date for your big day… congratulations! There’s so much to plan – the flowers, the venue, the guests, the photographer, the catering – and for the next months of your life you will go into full-on bride mode.

One of the first things you’ll want to do is find your dream wedding dress… but wait! Check these 10 tips before you launch the search for that perfect wedding gown to make sure that it’s every bit as wonderful as you deserve.

Take your time

It’s customary to buy the wedding dress at least 6 months before the ceremony, so as soon as you’ve set the date, start planning what type of dress you’ll want and where you’ll look for it. Bear in mind your gown will need fittings and probably shipping, so hit those bridal shops sooner rather than later.

Do your homework

If you’re reading this, you’re clearly tackling this point! Do your research before walking blindly into a bridal shop. Wedding gowns are unique in their complexity, and unless you’re an experienced bridesmaid, you’ll be off your game when presented with three shades of white, asked if you like organza or if you want to see chapel length veils.


Set a budget before you go shopping. Usually, the dress will be 15% of your overall wedding expenses, so plan accordingly. Let the shop assistant know about your budget to avoid falling in love for a dress you can’t afford.

Your Wedding Location

It’s important to get the dress once you’ve decided the location of your wedding. If it’s going to be a formal evening ceremony, you should avoid short cocktail type of dresses, and for a beach wedding, a long train will prove to be uncomfortable. Some fabrics work well in daytime outdoor weddings, like linen and organdy, while some should be exclusively worn in colder weather, like velvet and brocade.


Understand Your Shape

Your body shape will determine which kind of dress looks good on you and brings out your best attributes. Whether your pear-shaped, apple-shaped, triangle, tall or petite make sure you know which parts of your body you want to accentuate and which you want to downplay. It also helps to get opinions close family and friends for that little bit of extra reassurance.

Set appointments

Some boutiques require you to set an appointment before going to try on dresses. Check their websites and see if they have an online catalogue. That way, when you call you can ask about specific models to see if they’re available. Or take advantage our unique service to try wedding dresses at home!


You want to know how you’ll look on your special day, so bring everything you plan to wear –from your grandmother’s tiara to your new shoes. Try the dresses on with all your accessories, that way you can know if and how the dress needs to be fitted. Shops usually have strapless bras, but if you already have a trustworthy one, bring it along.

Move it

Unless you plan to stand like a statue during your wedding day, the best idea is to give the dress a shake when you try it on. Will you have to be pulling it up? Do the straps fall down easily? Does it wrinkle horrible in every step? On my wedding day, a friend had to tie my train in a knot because it continuously fell from the beautiful but flimsy buttons on my waist. Make sure you’ll be comfortable; a spectacular gown that won’t let you move is a waste of money.

Don’t make weight promises

Don’t purchase a dress thinking I’m definitely going to lose five pounds before the wedding. If you do –and we’re not saying you need to! – it’s easier to tuck in fabric than to take out.  Wedding gowns come in smaller sizes, so if you’re usually an 8, ask for a 10 and take it from there.