Wedding Dress Styles That Suit a Nautical Wedding

Whether you’re having your wedding while barefoot on the beach, on an awesome yacht or cruise ship, or just want to be inspired by the ocean, nautical-themed weddings are incredibly trendy right now. So many different gowns would be appropriate for your big day spent by the water, but we like these options the best!

1. Airy Dresses

Because your wedding is inspired by beautiful weather and sunshine, you’ll want your dress to reflect that style. Go for an airy dress that has light fabric. Organza is a really great fabric to give off that airy vibe that will make your dress look effortless and gorgeous. Really light lace will do the trick as well. Chiffon is another great fabric that has a lot of give, so you can be sure that it will flatter your figure. Pro tip: get a dress that falls just to the ground, so that you won’t get it dirty in your surroundings.

2. Empire-Waisted Gowns

Empire gowns are chic, and look good on the vast majority of people. By getting something that is less form-fitting on your body, it will be comfortable and easy to move around in your dress. Your style will also be pitch perfect, allowing your dress to move with the wind (bonus point for a sea breeze!). You’ll look stunning and natural.

3. Tea-Length Dresses

Don’t want a full-length wedding gown? No problem. There are so many different dresses that look great as tea-length dresses, and they’re incredibly trendy right now, thanks to the popularity of the television show Mad Men. You’ll look original and fun, and you won’t worry about what you’re going to do with the train of your dress when you’re dancing.

4. Grecian Gowns

Rock a gorgeous Grecian gown and feel like a Goddess. Usually made of the aforementioned chiffon material, it gathers on one shoulder and is usually fastened there with a wicked broach. Top it off with a belt to show off your figure.

With so many dresses to choose from, you have loads of options to find the perfect gown to fit in with your nautical themed wedding. The only problem that you might encounter is that there are so many that fit right in that it might be difficult to commit to just one!

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Source: Pinterest
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