Learn the Definitions for 10 Confusing Wedding Dress Terms

Brooke Bobb from Vogue put together a list of commonly confusing words that Brides hear when they’re shopping for wedding dresses. Here’s a few that had us confused:

Watteau—This refers to a type of train—a single panel of long fabric that attaches to the back of a bride’s gown, typically at the shoulders, as opposed to a built-in version that has to be bustled.

Court—The Court train is a shorter length, about three-feet from the waist down (so a few inches out on the ground). It’s a good in-between length as far as trains go, but you wouldn’t want to wear this one to an outdoor wedding as it’s not quite enough to bustle and will catch whatever is on the ground.

For all 10 terms, head over to Vogue to be more informed next time you visit a bridal shop!

Source: Vogue

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